The Dude (metalblade87) wrote,
The Dude

Changes on the horizon?

Okay so its been a few since my last update on this bad boy. Not to much has changed. My nose has finally healed which is such a relief. I still have some problem with congestion but i guess its better then it was?? My main concerns lately is my legs have really been bothering me lately. They feel almost like growing pains or something and its mostly in my knee caps. From what i know i think i fucked them up when i was dead lifting a week ago. I dont know what to do to fix them it sucks. Its like ive actually been good headach wise.. knock on wood.. so i havent needed tylonal or anything really for that however i have been needing it for the legs which sucks. I hope it goes away. I guess i should rest them for a week and hope for the best.

So tomorrow i might also be getting a new car? Maybe a C450? I dont even know its the first time ive asked about a car but havent hear about how much it would be. The fact that i dont know is driving me crazy. Like can i afford it or not?? I really hope i can because it looks like a sick car and something i would be very excited to own. However as i think abot it i am like shit is it worth the money? Should i be saving more? Should i just finance a shit box or even finance my own car?? I dont know anymore and its getting fustrated. Part of me is like just lease what you want and be happy cuz well itll make you happy. However the financial old man side of me is like nah bro you need to grow up and stack more away and actually own something. You are just throwing money out the window. why its stupid, but at the same times its the only way i know how to get and drive the one i want. When i get what i want im happy so why not just get it and be happy and proud. That is probably what ill do i just hope that its not the wrong choice and i hope it dosent hold me back from other things like moving out of the house. However i guess only time will tell and i can only plan so far in the future. I mean, as is i dont see myself moving out anytime soon which is pretty stupid but also the truth.

I have been trading stocks a new way as well lately where i have been selling options against long positions. Its been working out okay and im making like i dunno a hundred a week. Im not breaking down any walls with it however every little bit helps and i gatta be in it for the long hall. Find something that works and stick with it and play it more like a constant game. Manage positions vs just buying and hoping for the best. Soo far its been 2 or 3 weeks and i feel pretty comfortable about it so far even though i have left money on the table 2 times so far. However then again bulls make money, bears make money and pigs get slaughtered. So im not trying to be a pig just do the best i can to pick positions and gain here and there and hopefully i can just be a constant 100 or 200 a week. That would be key and would definitely help me be less stressed and well super happy in general because from there its all about the leverage to make more. However only time will tell and i am still very new to this strategy i am doing. I just hope this is finally it, the thing that helps me finally make some money.

I dont know. Lately like the past week or so ive been feeling pretty good and happy i guess. I feel like this may be the year i turn things around in my life and i am very excited to see what happen i guess :) Hope it all turns out well!!! :D
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