The Dude (metalblade87) wrote,
The Dude

What a week!

Okay so i have been meaning to update this thing for the past like almost week (Wednesday or so). So good news!! Im alive and kickin! The surgery went well and if is FINALLY DONE!! I can FINALLY stop thinking about it! OMG i feel so relieved.

Soo i had it done on monday and it was wild. I was so nervous i couldnt sleep and only slept for like.. i dont know 3 hours for some reason. Luckily not eating throughout the night went okay overall no real problems just had the tums which helped in the morning. So i had to leave the house at 6:15AM which is like stupid early. Got there and of course i forget to fill out the paperwork so i fly though filling it out ASAP and that went okay didnt really piss anyone off. I tell my dad to wait thinking it wont take that long. Little did i know it was ganna be 4 hours! Soo i went in nervous as well but it went okay and everyone was super nice there. It was funny last time i got knocked out the DR told me like hey were ganna put you under now, where as this guy didnt say anything. One min im looking up the next min i am waking up it was crazy and well i actually preferred it that way. So i wake up groggy as fuck cant breath though my nose cuz its so packed its amazing. After like an hour of sitting around and getting myself back together i was finally released and went back home. It was funny like there wasnt really any pain in the nose or anything i was just SUPER congested. It was crazy it felt like my eyes were ganna pop outa my head. SO i get home and chill and its like STUPID cold out coldest its been all winter so my room is super dry. Which means so is my mouth. It was terrible. My mouth has never been that dry for that long like it was actually starting to drive me crazy. I kept drinking water hoping it would i duno lube up the mouth but that didnt work. It was SO annoying nothing i could do could fix this and i couldnt sleep cuz my mouth was so dry i was uncomfortable. Then you add the fact that i couldnt swallow well cuz i could only breath through my mouth. I really started second questioning why i did it at that point.

So again i only get like 3 hours of sleep. BUT i was finally able to get the packing out that morning so i made it a point to get it out early with my dad. I think we went around 10ish. So i go and meet with the dr and he starts pulling the packing outa my nose and it was the worst feeling. Like it was super painful as much as it felt terrible like i was ganna puke everywhere and he just kept pulling and pulling. I couldnt look i just kept my eyes closed and let him do what he needed. Of course the right side ended up bleeding a lot and the dr is like.. your such a nice guy of course something like this would happen to you. Regardless once it came out i was soooo happy like. I couldnt really breath through the nose still but the congestion went down ALOT which made me feel so much happier. I guess i was also just super relieved i could finally start closing my mouth so it wasn't so dry. Anyways its been all down hill since then. Ive been able to breath a bit better each day overall. Wednesday i actually got out a BIG kidney sized booger and omg it was so key. I was finally fully able to breath though that side atleast. I was so happy i couldnt stop smiling and i was just so happy. Since then the right side has been solid the normal but the right side i cannt breath super well from yet.

I cannt breath well though that side i think or atleast i hope because the stitches stick out on that side and im like 99% sure i got some solid booger mass stuck up there that i wont really wanna start picking much of because i dont wanna mess anything up. I think there was one point where i was able to breath really well though it so it gives me hope that this wasnt for naut. I mean i really hope that it really helps me feel better and breath better. I guess im only slightly nervous about it because i havent felt it get better yet but then again im told it could take a month which is understandable. It also kinda sucks slightly because the dr was saying he straightened the cartilage perfectly straight but deep up in my head/nose there is still a slight bend to it like 20% he said. He said there wasnt much he could do other then take a hammer and chissle to it and well. That is intense and well he said its actually part of my skull. SOoo i think i dunno i wouldt really want him messing with my skull. He also said that what was sone will still show and be way better then it was. I dont know i have another appointment with him on Friday i guess just to check it out and make sure its healing okay. I just hope he dosent start like pulling crusty boogers out or stitches.

All in all though there really hasnt been much pain in the nose at all almost like nothing ever happened. Weird.

Other then that i went into the week off with the preconception that i will not do anything all week. Just me in my bed chilling with the tv and not doing ANYTHING. Well that exactly what i did. I just watched breaking bad every day for 5 days straight its been crazy. It was a good show and the ending was sad and left me emotional. I am so pissed they killed the step bro and how the family eneded up like crap. I dunno i mean it was good to watch straight through but i wouldnt have kept up with in every week. However i feel like i guess with everything i hate the ending of a series it always so sad and just messes me up. :(

We also had a HUGE snow storm which didnt bother me cuz i didnt have anywhere to be. it was just wild. I really dont wanna go to work tomorrow im not ganna lie. Laying around all week made me like super lazy and maybe i dunno slightly depressed in a sense. It reminded me of when i was off for those 6 months before i started working for Open Road. Its like a lazy hole where it just sucks you in and feels so good i just wanna keep laying around doing nothing and just watching tv. I was hoping that by doing that i would get tired of it and would energizer me to get outa the house and so stuff but i think it may have done the opposite. I guess time will tell if it was good or bad but overall i loved it. Kinda wished i watched something else because thats the only thing i watched on tv. Kinda wished i got more movies and stuff in.

I also of course haven't been able to work out and probably wont until maybe tuesday or thursday. I feel like with me just laying in bed for a week i am going to have to start all over at square 1 like when i first started back in November. Which sucks and i hope isnt fully the case but i feel a bit weak i guess?? I guess i wont really know how i hold up till i get a full days worth of work outa me tomorrow and see how it is to be back in. I mean luckily i kept my sleep timing up well waking up decently early and not really napping. Today is the first day ive been like fuckkk i just wanna sleep all day which might just be because i dont wanna go in tomorrow. Also because i think the boss is off tomorrow which means il have a bunch of shit to do which is beat. I feel like i havent been to work in forever like i forgot how to do everything. like im lost just thinking about what i need to do.
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