The Dude (metalblade87) wrote,
The Dude

Day off Sick

So i ended up saying home today from work sick. I felt like shit this morning. Had massive diarrhea and felt just ill but wasnt sure whether to stay home or not. I ended up calling in sick. I HATE calling in sick, especially when over time through the day i feel a bit better like today. Mind you i had a massive headach with sinus pressure i believe for like 2 or 3 hours today. Finally i feel better now. Hopefully my gut gets better. I think the worst part is that i called out on a monday with a TON of ebay to do. I am sure my boss was pissed because now hes gatta deal with it. I feel really bad about it but at the same time why suffer through a day to make the boss man happy? I mean i dont see any type of raise or anything coming my way for a long time. So i mean, what is aggravation and pain worth to me? Blah i dotn know other then ive been doing a lot of thinking today and i feel like i really need to make a physical change to just physically feel better day in a day out. Right now i dont feel that way, feeling always sick with one thing or another.

Hopefully i dont have yo use anymore sick days in the next 3 months. r

I feel like i also need change.. soon.. The room has definitely helped but need more...
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