The Dude (metalblade87) wrote,
The Dude

Man its H-O-T!

So today is the first day of the heat wave for the next few days. I am definitely not looking forward to how hot it will be in the dealership tomorrow. I really hope its not going to be as bad as it was last time it was this hot because that was brutal. Like seriously bad. On top of that i found out the i have a crack or chip in one of my teeth. I dont think it hurts but i know its there so im like crap i really need to get this thing fixed and dont wanna wait around. The only problem is i dont have any comp days to go so i think i am going to have to go to the new dentist my brother has been going to lately to get it fix. I really hope i can just get it done tomorrow. Yet at the same time i have a feeling that the i am going to be to tired to go, that is if i can even get an appointment. I am extremely nervous about going to a new guy, shit im nervous about going in general nevertheless when it comes to someone new. I know i really need to jst man up and do it. Its not a big deal. ive dont it so many times before. ARG time to man up and just do it, wont be that bad probably wont even need a shot which would be key, hopefully in and out.

On a more happy yet sketchy note, I bought a new TV! Its loaded to the gills and i am so excited to get it. I really hope its wayyyy better then what i got now given the price tag. I kinda feel stupid paying that much and i find it so funny that you get a free tv when buying a tv i mean wtf. So strange. But the plan is to give that to joanne and get some money off that to bring the price of mine down to where i feel a bit comfortable. It all works out i should be in the 1600 range which is high but i think its worth it, or alteast i hope so.

I am kinda frustrated mentally when it comes to buying things and peoples views on it? I mean its almost like i feel as though everyone is saving uo money to move out and buy houses or have moved out and here i am splurging on a high end tv. Like shouldn't i be saving that to buy a house or something? It makes me feel a bit stupid yet at the same time i feel like i am getting all these things so that when i do move out i know i wont have to buy them. I feel like this is my opportunity to just spend yet at the same time i have been also saving a bunch of money as well its not all spending. Ive put around 7k this year. Thats not the 10k i planned but i guess it is what it is. I just feel... dirty spending that kinda of cash on something i already have that works well. I guess its like for the past few years ive been middle of the pack when it comes to money or living expenses and now i feel like everyone is passing me. I am not going to lie i feel it mostly from Danielle. I think i might just be jealous. I dont know..

I am however re doing my room from pretty much top to bottom. Ive got the 2 new dressers so far and i feel a bit of a change in me already. I kinda feel, i dunno happy today at least which is a nice new feeling. I feel clean. I feel like an adult? or slightly less cluttered. I am super excited for the fall now with this new layout and the new tv for football. Like i just dream of sitting back with the windows open and the cool air blowing through with all my new gear. It makes me super happy to think about it really does. I feel almost as though by redoing the room i want i am almost like moving into my own place where everything here is what i want and the way i want it to look. I feel like if i had a girl over i would be very proud of my room and i think i will be a lot more comfortable with it when it gets super cold out and i will not want to be leaving my room. For once like i have been saying i feel very happy about this, the most happy and excited ive been in a long while. I love the smell of wood when i walk in my room now :D

When it comes to my old tv i am going to be giving it to my brother because he has been looking to get a tv. The only thing is i almost feel like i should charge him 100 or 150 for it, yet at the same time its 7 years old, a plasma, and only 720P. Like i think its still a great tv and should be worth 200 to 300 but at the same time you can get the same thing as an LED 1080P for like 5 or 600 new. I dont want to exploit my bro and take his money. Monetarily i think i should charge but as the love big bro i am i think giving it to him as an early Christmas/birthday present i think he would really enjoy it. I do feel a bit bad for my dad because now he will have to pay for him to get a box to run the HD, same which his girl. I also hope my new one dosent make him jealous. He has done so much to help me and get me to where i am at now. He lets me live here for free and feeds me dinner pretty much every night and has always been there as support and i really dont want him to be jealous of what i may be able to get because without him i would be living on my own and there is no way i would be able to afford these things.
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