The Dude (metalblade87) wrote,
The Dude


I feel very funky. I feel like i need to get better and better at photography. I feel like i reached a certain level and i know when and where. However the more i think about getting out during these times i find it difficult to know where or when to go. Im so lost. I feel so depressed about it and things. I dont know if its the pressure to get great pictures which is making me over think things and make it hard for me to get out thats the problem or what. I feel o so lost I dont know what to do and its making it harder and hard to get out. Ive been getting lazier or lazier. I dont know what to do i feel like i am almost starting to lose my drive that i had last year. Maybe i am just a guy who picks up a hobby and gets in and out over a year or so. I dont know.

This fucking hair cut i got thats left to long on the side is pissing me off as well. I hate it yet at the same time i doesnt bother me much other times. How the fuck could they fuck something up thats so simple. ARG! hopefully its not to noticeable and ill just have to get it cut again soon.

I feel very fustrated and angry for some reason as well.

I am not in my happy place lately and i dont know how to get back. I feel.... scared when it comes to going out again. I lost the go anywhere do anything attitude i had last year.
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