The Dude (metalblade87) wrote,
The Dude

fuckin aggravated

wtf my life is fucking ass right now not going the way i wanted at all.. fuckin work sucks ass i fucking hate it and its mostly because of the mass amount of hours im working... every fucking sat.. why? because im not exsperianced enough fuck that shit i got way to much training to just be dicking around changing tires fucking bull shit is what it is.. the other prob is that theres this girl i kinda got a thing for but she dosent really like me in that way and its killing me..its like shes finally fucking single for once and im tryin to show her these nice qualities that im sure she already knows but still.. she goes out and is doin the other dude.. fuck that shit.. waz wrong with me humm? ide give the girl the world and yet nothing.. its making me wanna rip my hair out and it sucks ass.. i think i just gotta move on with this shit or something and find something even better or just dissapear so she can mayb see wa shes missin thas right in front of her.. fuck this for now this isnt ass but enough to write for now
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