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straight trippin

i dunno wtf is going on with me right now im straight up buggin the fuck out for some reason well i take that back i know the reason.. i just wish i could have someone to talk to right now i really need that.. i feel like one of my bestfriends has just abandoned me out of no where for something i said a day or 2 ago but i dont understand why shede bug now.. ive said it to her so many other times just in different ways and theres been no problems what so ever before why now? is it cuz she just broke up with her bf? i guess possibly i understand shes got alot going on with all of that but at the same time i dunno.. i it went from me and her talkin like 2 times a day even if it was right quick to barly ever and me getting the ill call u back ill call u back but she never would and ive been an ass and been tryin to call her.. i am her best friend or atleast i believed so and was tryin to be there for her cuz she means alot to me and ive just been tryin to talk her though it and shit i dunno.. its killing me that im in boston right now and shes back home... i wanna be there to chill with her and talk to her cuz i mean before when she had a bf a bf me and her never really got a chance to chill 1 on 1 which sucked but now we could.. i dunno im losing my mind i just wish i knew wa she was thinking and whats going on in her life i feel so abandoned right now.. i wanna go the fuck home!!! :( im so sad right now i was last night 2 i didnt get much sleep like 3 hours.. i cant keep this shit outa my mind.. i just wanna talk to her for a while so i can know what wtf is going on and know that everythings koo between us and shit.. i feel like she hates me and dosent wanna talk to me for some reason and i wouldnt know why.. shes always come to me with her problems and now when she has the biggest i guess u can say she isnt.. and thas killin me i love when she would come to me with her problems and stuff.. i also think its kinda hurtin me that she might be going other places and talkin to other people about things which might be makin me upset or jelous too.. i dunno i have no idea wtf is going on and all in all i just wanna talk to her and get inside her head and have her call me like she use to a week ago i miss that so much :(
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